FAQ Delivery

FAQ Delivery

FAQ Delivery

Here you can find information about book delivery and pickup.

→ For POD orders Lampi di stampa will deliver the books directly to MeLi, who will deliver them to the end customer or to the book store which ordered them. Remember that the cost of delivery to the MeLi warehouse is € 0,10 (excluding VAT) per copy ordered.

→ For orders from your Personal Area you can choose between:

 Pieghi di Libri: a service of Poste Italiane dedicated to the publishing industry. This service is available for deliveries to Italy and only for a few copies. The package will be delivered by ordinary mail and no tracking number will be assigned to your shipment.
The Pieghi di Libri service delivers in 7 working days, please expect one more day for shipping to Sicily and Sardegna.

• UPS carrier for deliveries in Italy and abroad, with different delivery times for Standard and Express service. This method offers the possibility to check the delivery status of your package in real time (in your Personal Area you can see the Tracking number which you can use to search on their site) and request a second attempt in the case of inability to deliver. Delivery costs will be calculated during the order phase.

The services and delivery times of our UPS carrier are listed below:


Deliveries in Italy
UPS Standard 1 day
UPS Express Next day before 12:00
Deliveries in the rest of the world
UPS Standard 5 days
UPS Express 1-3 days

→ For minimum orders of 50 copies, it is also possible to collect your order from the Lampi di stampa warehouse. It can be collected by the customer –the cost for this service is 3,50€ (VAT excluded) or by a carrier chosen by the customer – the cost for this service is 0,80€ (VAT excluded).

Yes, you can collect the books from the Rotomail Italia warehouse, but only for minimum orders of 50 copies. You can pick up the copies yourself directly (the cost for this service is 3,50€ VAT excluded) or if you prefer you can send a reliable courier (the cost for this service is 0,80€ VAT excluded).

The Lampi di stampa warehouse is at Rotomail Italia S.p.A., in Vignate, Strada Rivoltana (SP14), 12/AB - 20052.

No, you do not need to make an appointment. We will notify you by e-mail when the books are ready for collection.

The warehouse opening hours are:
Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 0:30 pm and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 pm.

Of course. You can enter the addresses manually during the order phase (new addresses or changes to existing addresses will be automatically saved in your contacts) or manage your contacts in the "Account data/Delivery addresses" section, which will be presented during the order phase.

Yes, you can create your contacts directly from your Personal Area, in the "Account data/Delivery addresses" section, so they are always available during the order phase.

You can decide to enter them manually or upload them in a .csv file with an unlimited number of addresses. On the same page you can download a model of .csv file to complete with your addresses, which you can upload into the system.

You can add, edit or delete any address at any time.

If you do not decide to save your addresses in advance from the Personal Area, you can enter them gradually during the order phase and they will be automatically saved in the "Delivery addresses" section.

For orders for runs and test copies, after receiving confirmation of payment, which will be immediate in the case of payment by credit card, it will take about 10 working days to process your order. The delivery time is additional to this and varies depending on the delivery method selected during the order phase.

*The processing times indicated are only an indication and therefore cannot be considered binding.

For delivery with UPS carrier we will send you an email with the Tracking Number assigned to your shipment when your books are delivered to the courier. 

You will find both the Tracking Number and the link to the courier's website also on the “Order tracking by Personal Area Order”: by clicking the Tracking Number you will be redirected to the page dedicated to your delivery on the carrier’s website where you will be able to follow all the phases of delivery in real.

We remind you that if you choose the “Pieghi di Libri” option your package will be delivered by ordinary mail and no tracking number will be assigned to your shipment

Yes, for orders with shipping to Messaggerie Libri’s warehouses we have set up an automatic dataflow that shares with Messaggerie Libri the ASN (Advanced Shipping Notification).

PLEASE NOTE: the ASN inbound procedure is active both for POD and Runs orders. In the case of Runs orders, it is mandatory that the titles saved in the archive have ISBN codes, otherwise the order will remain on hold until the ISBN code is added and the production version of the title is updated.