FAQ Runs service

FAQ Runs service

FAQ Runs service

Here you can find information about the Runs service, dedicated to the orders from your personal area.

To activate the Runs service follow this steps

1. Register to the portal and confirm the registration with the email that we send.
Remember that without confirmation of registration you will not be able to use the services

2. Go to the "Account data/Contracts" area and online accept the "General Conditions of Runs Service”.

3. After verifying the information you entered, we will activate the service and notify you with an email confirmation.

From that moment you can enter titles in the Runs Service archive, make estimates and orders, view invoices and monitor the status of orders.

The Runs service has no cost for activation and management of the on-line archive. From your Personal Area you can create quotations and orders for test copies (even just one) and runs (at least 100 copies).

For more information, please visit the service description page, clicking here.

For milled paperback books you can create quotations and print test prints of your titles, directly from your Personal Area, in the "Run titles" section. In the order phase, you will enter the delivery address or addresses. Remember that collection from the warehouse is allowed only for runs orders (minimum 50 copies).

For hardcover books you can’t order test prints of your titles, the minimum number of copies you can print is 200.

*Note: For some types of paper for the interior the minimum order is 100 copies (in the process of choice of paper you will be informed with a message from the system).
If you want to know what paper is available for test copies, click here.

Yes, you can move a title from the runs archive to the POD/ePOD archive.
If you have not yet activated the POD contract, follow the activation procedure described here and, when it is active, read the information below.
If you activate the POD contract, simply click the "Switch to POD/ePOD" button corresponding to the title you wish to move. The system will check whether there are orders in progress in relation to the title.
• If there are no suspended orders, the title will be moved to the POD/ePOD archive in "Not concluded" status. To conclude the title and make it available for production, you must complete the technical information of the book using the entry wizard. After completing the move, we will inform MeLi that the title is now under POD management.
• If there are orders in progress for this title, when you click the "Switch to POD/ePOD" button, the system will inform you and you must wait for all the orders to be fulfilled before moving the title.

• For milled paperback books printed with inkjet print quality or Indigo high quality print the minimum number of copies you can order is 100.

• For hardcover books the minimum number of copies you can order is 200.

For milled paperback books the minimum number of copies that you can print for test copies is 1 (attention: some types of paper for the interior may only be available for orders of a minimum of 100 copies). To order test copies just click on the “Buy” button in the “Runs titles” section.

For hardcover book it is not possible to order test copies. To know what is the minimum number of copies you can order, please click here.

Yes, you can decide to delete a title from the Runs archive at any time, clicking on the "Delete" button on the line relating to the title to be deleted.
The operation is possible only when all the runs orders have been fulfilled.

For your personal area orders, production time is 10 working days starting from the order's submission date, both for milledpaperback books and hardcover books.  When ordering, the system will show you the due date. If you wish, you can postpone it.
Please note: in the case of anticipated payment, the due date will be recalculated based on the payment notification date.